Mobile world enjoying PC!

Android 6.0 installed! Enjoy the best mobile compatibility!

Android mobile experience optimization

Provide complete operational feeling and versatile automated features optimized for all mobile games

Mobile app player we dreamed

Let experience a new world of mobile peak! Enjoy the best android world!

Excellent stability and



Peak, the app offers players a variety of convenient features for mobile apps.
With multiple players and can play multiple games at the same time,
It can easily diverse and complex operation touching a keyboard and mouse.

Using the PC environment

PC Internet experience using mobile data usage reduction, easy and convenient multi-tasking possible


Mobile phone specifications No problem! Google Store Terms are available for a variety of mobile games and applications.

Convenient operation

It offers convenience like PC games using the virtual keyboard and a mouse button operation! Discover the best operational feeling.

Multiple accounts can be used

Multi-player app using the account allows one-click operation from the PC 1 vs.! It can easily create multi-player app

Mandatory selection of

mobile games!
Peak Player

Best Mobile Games and a wide variety of hardware support! Various user environments respond actively support!


The latest kernel based optimization
Intel / AMD CPU and allows all compatible


Low memory usage
Small Install Pack, Fast Optimization


Wide screen + Easy Operation Game
Convenient control of the game in a PC environment


If one works with Google
Available with a variety of mobile games service interworking


The battery and heat worry NONO! Battery and fever worry NONO!
Batteries and lack of heat issues resolved immediately!

Optimized system support
Multi-Light provided


Low capacity PC drive available! Optimized systems and lightweight multi-resource available!

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Peak, the app player is welcome to a variety of ads, events, and business partnerships.